Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Midweek Treats - 10/5/2011

The past few days have brought another spike of unstoppable muffin craving, and thus I indulged myself at Tunnel City this morning despite the multitude of breakfast food sitting untouched in my room. Unfortunately, none of the day's specialty flavors caught my fancy - apple-banana-bran looked too dry, and chocolate chip is a bit much first thing in the morning - but the limited selection steered me toward "old faithful," the classic raspberry.
As accurately portrayed, this muffin was not characterized by small isolated patches of raspberry, but rather by bright sweet swirls of luscious fruit mixed throughout the moist and buttery interior. Although this unit alone is a rich breakfast, I could not pass up some liquid addition simply for dipping purposes. Since I had already consumed french press coffee in my room, I settled on a mug of foamy steamed milk. The warm frothiness makes steamed milk the liquid equivalent of "comfort food" and although it lacks the intense cappuccino flavor, I thoroughly enjoyed my saturated muffin tidbits.
When our captain Elleree alerted the girls team via email that she would be baking this evening, my mouth began watering in anticipation - for further effect, she attached the selected recipe for chocolate pecan bars and hence I anticipated this tasty treat all day. The decadent mixture did not disappoint - the crust was crispy and the buttery junction between this bottom layer and the chunks of semi-melted bittersweet Ghirardelli chocolate was heavenly. Topped with the oily crunch and nutty flavor of pecans and Elleree's essential addition of hazelnuts, the dense, richly flavored squares provided the best study break I could ask for.

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