Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Eve & Day - 12/31/2011 & 1/1/2012

Beyond the extraordinary company of the Corries, our long standing New Years companions, Guy Corrie's cheese selection gives me something further to look forward to in our gluttonous get togethers. In particular, the items from Berkeley's famous "The Cheese Board Collective" send me into a frenzy of excitement - according to our faithful forager, there is always a line waiting for the day's picks, and we are lucky enough to reap the benefits of the shop's expertise and Guy's remarkable drive. The Berkeley shop also boasts decadent bread choices, from rich sourdough cheese rolls to airy Zampano spheres, coated with salt and red chili pepper flakes. These cheeses are, unsurprisingly, most remarkable - pictured here are a triple cream, a fragrant blue, a soft goat's milk, a cow's milk from the parmesan family, and an oozing variant so stinky that after serving its purpose, the underlying cutting board was banished to the patio for the night.

Pizzas are the perfect New Year's Eve food - they allow variety, and most importantly, leisurely consumption - as we'd finish one, another one would go in the oven, easily constructed with the previously prepared ingredients. Multiple sampler slices ensured that everyone got a slice of our innovative combinations.

spinach, chunks of trout
farm fresh eggs, sunny side up
spinach, garlic base

caramelized onions
succulent mushrooms, thin crust
capers, rich red chunks

thin coating of cheese
on delicate wilted greens
and meyer lemon

our standard new years 
never complete without crab
and ocean's pink gift

thick pineapple chunks
bacon spheres and olive rounds
version, hawaiian 
bright red pepper rings
perched atop bright rainbow chard
melted cheese blanket

and it's the gift that keeps on giving - our New Years celebration would not be complete without Guy's omelets stuffed full of decadent leftovers and crafted with utmost expertise - on this occasion, the fluffy egg tortillas were filled with caramelized onions, crab or salmon, capers, quattro formaggio cheese, kalamata olives, spinach, chard - what a wealth of savory flavors, a perfect way to begin the new year. 
In the making - crab and caramelized onion thus far
The finished product
The salmon, not to be outdone


  1. Celeste did you know that I interned one summer at the Cheese Board? It was awesome, one of the best things I've ever done. And I got sponsored by CES. If you wanna know more about it sometime lemme know. -Laura

    1. Yes, I heard about that actually! Darra Goldstein told me I believe, and it made me so excited. I would love to talk to you more about it, especially if I apply for CES funding down the road..