Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Panini Rendition - 1/17/2012

Although I always relish a good panini, the innovative variant I have eaten for my past two lunches have surpassed any previous creations. Per usual, nothing satisfies the cold weather dweller like hot, griddle marked bread and melted cheese, yet a few recent additions to the layered ingredients have transformed these sandwiches into culinary masterpieces. 
Beginning with the standard bread, pesto, and mustard - we've been using Maille's honey dijon, and the vinaigrette's staple ingredient has proved to be delectable on its own as well - I achieve maximum cheesiness placing one slab of pepper jack on each end. Then comes the newest addition - I've been layering thin slices of green apple on top of one cheese surface, and the result is pure ecstasy. The cheese melts into the bread on one side, and warms - cooks, in fact - and coats the delicate apple slices on the other. The tart apple flavor in turn couples with the next adjacent ingredient, lightly spiced cracked pepper turkey breast. Indeed, there's not much separation between one cheese slice and the next - after the apple and turkey, wilted spinach serves as the final layer that graces the sandwich pre-panini process. After a little bit of time between the panini maker's awaiting jaws, I remove the sandwich and quickly pry it apart, placing avocado in between the other ingredients before the unit has a chance to cool. After a tiny bit of time back on the machine - just enough to melt the cheese around the avocado before it browns - I remove the thick, fragrant unit and slice it in half. Andrew and I have been making sequential sandwiches and splitting both so we can revel in the deliciousness together, and ensure that each half we consume is fresh off the grill.

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