Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paresky Pasta Bar - 1/26/2012

Although I always relish the pasta entrée at Paresky—the pasta, sometimes handmade, is not overcooked, and the sauce selection boasts some combination of creaminess, meat, and classic marinara—last night’s innovative rendition stood out. Rather than sauce covered noodles, diners received a large bowl of plain spaghetti, and an extravagant spread of toppings enabled construction of the ideal personal pasta. I opted for a small spoonful of marinara, a simple foundation for my meticulously crafted creation. 
There were three kinds of cheeses in the melee—I sprinkled coarsely grated pepper jack, finely chopped fresh mozzarella, and chunks of feta on my heaping mound. I spooned some parmesan on top for good measure. Succulent mushrooms, both alone and sautéed with spinach, also graced the toppings bar, and the pungent, salty capers and kalamata olives invoked Mediterranean influence. Tangy pieces of sun dried tomatoes and cubed prosciutto provided further rich, savory flavors, which were complemented by the freshness of fragrant, coarsely chopped basil. I reveled in each delectable bite, overcome with strong flavors and satisfaction—I eagerly anticipate the next appearance of this dinner option.  

This entry created in collaboration with Williams College Dining Services. 

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