Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Something Little - 1/24/2012

I'm a little embarrassed by the frequency with which I document and salivate over my recent fixation, and have noted that Piggy Heaven is quickly becoming Panini Heaven. In any case, bear with me, and stay tuned for a more extensive, intellectual piece that's in progress..
I thought up this rendition during breakfast - yes, future meal brainstorming occurs during current consumption - and the ingenious planning occurred as I swam laps pre-lunch. After much frantic slicing, spreading, and scurrying around the dining hall, I placed my first sweet panini ever on the grill. I can't take credit for this innovation because I've seen people create similar entities before, but mine took form as follows. I coated each slice of bread with smooth peanut butter - I can't stand when only one side receives such treatment - and cut a banana into equally shaped and sized sixths, hence constructing the sandwich so that these pieces were evenly distributed along the surface. Honey was the final addition - I slathered the banana ridges with thick, translucent liquid before placing the opposing bread slice on the voluminous other half. The grilling today went exceptionally well - the outside of the bread was slightly crunchy, and the griddle marks gave aesthetic assurance that the sandwich was, indeed, panini-ed. And oh, how delectable this combination was! The heat and pressure of the maker's jaws caramelized the banana, and enabled its fusion with the honey and peanut butter, which in turn interacted with the warm bread. I cut the sandwich into asymmetric triangles, and the ingredients coupled with this preparation made the unit look like a child's lunch. I have no qualms - I bet I was the happiest kid in the dining hall while ingesting the sweet, melted mass.

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