Friday, March 9, 2012

Landscape Log Lunch - 3/9/2012

I entitled this post "Landscape Log Lunch" for no other reason than the fact that I like the alliteration, and the subject of today's lecture was landscape architecture. Although the talk explored a different realm of environmentalism, the food was phenomenal per usual. Perhaps my one week hiatus from the home-cooked toothsomeness influenced my perspective, but today's lunch was particularly delicious.
The soup today was a heterogeneous mixture of root vegetables and chickpeas, and I was impressed by the firm texture retained by the carrots and squash. The chunks were tender rather than mushy, possessing a satisfying substantiality. Sweet, translucent onion sheets and delightfully grainy chickpeas completed the melee, and the liquid root vegetable runoff made an earthy, flavorful broth, which the cornmeal-based bread enthusiastically soaked up. The spherical units were moist and deliciously mealy, whole corn kernels and green matter speckling the elastic bread body. I relished the grainy texture of the tender, chewy dough - it went exceptionally well with the "margarita salad," too. The mixture consisted of crisp lettuce, pineapple chunks, cucumber cubes, spicy red onion slices, and mint. The sweet pineapple juice provided a light dressing, which was complemented by a dousing of plain, simple greek yogurt. The combination of fruity sugar and tart creaminess proved complex and tantalizing. Keeping with the tropical theme, the dessert was coconut-macadamia nut butterscotch bars, rich and buttery with sizable coconut shavings protruding from the uneven luscious edges. Decadent nut chunks permeated the slabs, and I reveled in the pull-apart potential of these units. An outstanding last Log Lunch before Spring Break's commencement.